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Fondue Pots

Whether you are throwing a social gathering for a group of friends, having an office party or just enjoying the most of a night in, having a fondue pot will add just the right amount of diversity, fun and deliciousness to your occasion. Fondue pots can spice it up by giving you the ability to put a more interesting option when it comes to dip on the table. Cooking up a delectable chocolate dip for your favorite kind of fruit or some warm cheese to enjoy with vegetables on forks is so simple with a fondue pot that you will want to incorporate some kind of fondue into every meal. Williams-Sonoma offers fondue pots of varied materials to match your occasion and add a little class to our snack or meal. Fondue pots can even be purchased with removable inserts so going from a conversation over bread dipped in gooey cheese to a mouthful of strawberries in chocolate can be as simple as replacing the pot insert. With fondue pots, you don’t have to worry about uneven texture or scorching the outside parts of your fondue as all the contents cook evenly for a successful treat for your next craving.

Fondue pots are available in different sizes and shapes to match your theme or party size, from larger ones to create a fun spin on a social gathering, to personal-sized pots to add a twist to an average dessert. Different materials such as copper, cast iron and porcelain mean options for color and a way to match your fondue pot to the rest of your kitchen bakeware. Cast-iron fondue pots offer stability for heavier dishes while porcelain pots make for easier cleaning and more durability. Copper pots make for a great, fast heat transfer when you are trying to whip something up in a rush or simply adding a statement to your table setting. We stock brands such as Mauviel to ensure the highest quality of fondue pots.

When purchasing higher-quality fondue pots, you can rest assured that your product will retain life, but making sure to clean and store the pots properly will expand that life further. Allowing metal pots to cool before cleaning prevents damage to the surfaces. Fondue pots made of materials, such as cast-iron, should be hand-washed and dried with a soft cloth, and stored in a clean, dry location. Avoiding detergents or steel washing pads will help retain the shiny, scratch-free quality of the pots. Since fondue pots are made with materials such as copper, polishes can be purchased to keep the metal looking new.