Fondue Pots

When you think up casual, intimate and fun entertaining experiences to share with friends and loved ones the fondue pot should be at the top of your list. The Dutch have been making Boska Fondue Pots since 1896 so you can trust that the Boska Mini Fondue Pot from Williams-Sonoma will give you superior performance whether friends are dipping croutons in cheese or the kids are enjoying waffle bites dipped in warm maple syrup. A fondue course is also a great appetizer when hosting barbecues and cookouts. Make a pot part of your outdoor cookware equipment inventory and guests will stay busy and satisfied while you grill.

For a high-end fondue experience go French with the Mauviel Copper Fondue Pot with Stand. The French have been making these gorgeous copper and brass creations since 1830. With its polished good looks and 6 individually-marked fondue forks, this stately fondue pot is nearly a work of art. If the glowing finish and superior performance of the Mauviel copper fondue pot gives you an appetite for more copper cookware feed your hunger with cookware sets in polished-silver-toned All-Clad or Copper-finished exteriors. The excellent heat conduction of copper pots and pans make them a favorite tool of professional and home chefs alike. Any of our copper fondue pots will serve you well when entertaining but be sure to order a variety of sizes of stock and multipots to cook up backup fondue sauces and create soups, stews and gumbos ample enough to serve all of your guests.