Lids & Accessories

Lids and Accessories

Williams-Sonoma carries replacement and original lids for a variety of specific manufacturer’s pots and pans, as well as universal lids that work on same-size pots and pans regardless of make. Decorative and practical knobs, handles and other accessories for your cookware are also available, including a cast iron lid holder that keeps heavy pot lids accessible yet neatly out of the way. Other cookware organizing products include our sturdy pot racks in styles that sit neatly on a shelf or hang from the ceiling or wall. Attractive pot racks let you dry and store your favorite cookware where it’s handy and visible, so no more banging around in cabinets to find your favorite stock pot and lid is required.

Choose a practical and beautiful cookbook stand crafted of enameled cast iron. Add a matching trivet or burner plate to protect counter tops and tables from hot serving pans and cocottes. Silicone, wood and magnetic trivets are available as are heat diffusers that you place over electric or gas burners to create a flat, evenly-heated cooking surface. Outfit your kitchen completely by taking advantage of our quality cookware under $100 to order the ovenware, spare lids, tea kettles and other pots, pans and kitchen tools you need to cook your best meals ever.