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Frying pans, saucepans and even saute pans are common in the kitchen, but some chefs like to prepare specific dishes that require less well-known cookware and appliances. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of specialty cookware to help you create those unique dishes and craft the special flavors that you love.

Our breakfast pans make cooking omelets easy, with designs that help you flip and roll the eggs without turning them into a scrambled mess. Whip up a batch of waffles with a stovetop griddle that features large or mini waffle molds, or get perfectly poached eggs with a nonstick egg poacher set that includes individual egg cups with handles that hang over the edge of a pan, submerging the eggs in water and making them easy to remove.

Invite some friends over for a fondue night, and set up a full-size copper or aluminum fondue pot and forks. Prepare an array of cut veggies and desserts for dipping. Pots feature adjustable flame controls and distinguishing marks on each fork so guests can easily keep track of which one is theirs. Mini fondue pots and extra burners come in handy for parties of any size.

Reduce the time you spend in the kitchen with a pressure cooker that includes pre-programmed settings for fish, vegetables, rice and other foods. Many models include indicator lights that display different colors to let cooks know when the proper pressure is achieved. Some models also include inserts for steaming foods. Add some specialty cookware to your kitchen and venture into new culinary territory.