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Nearly every home is equipped with saucepans, usually in different sizes, for different types of food preparation. A saucepan is not only good for making sauce, but also for making a variety of dishes such as side vegetables, macaroni and cheese for the kids and hard-boiled eggs. When it comes to actually making sauces and other liquids that require constant stirring and whisking, however, a saucier is a great choice. Similar to a saucepan, a saucier is a shallower pan, its bottom is rounded to allow for that constant motion of stirring and whisking and its lip is often curved for easy pouring of sauces into a bowl or right onto your plate of spaghetti. When making difficult sauces or liquids for dishes such as candies, it’s terrific to have a professional tool on hand so the job goes much more smoothly.

Choose from a variety of sauciers, such as those with a stainless-steel construction. Many professional chefs use stainless-steel, especially for cooking sauces, because of its tendency toward even heat distribution. This allows you to cook sauces without hot or cold spots, eliminating scorches and burns. This can be especially important if there are ingredients like milk in the sauce. Within the stainless-steel construction, there are also aluminum layers, providing even more heat conductivity and durability. Easy to clean and take care of, stainless-steel is a fairly versatile material, and its included lid allows you to simmer sauce, keeping moisture in. Pour spouts on either side allow for the easy pouring of sauces. We offer sauciers in several different sizes, with a two-quart size typically adequate for a small- to medium-sized sauce. For the times that you need larger sauciers, bigger sizes are available, such as a stainless-steel 3 ½-quart saucier.

Cast iron is also a terrific material when it comes to saucier construction. Choose a cast-iron saucier with a porcelain enamel coating, so your pan is simple to clean and also resists sticking. This cast-iron saucier has a special vented lid that allows air to escape. Cast iron is a strong material, and because of this, this saucier pan is ideal for any type of stove-top cooking, even induction cooking. For those who want the ultimate in durability and protection while making sauce, but also want a pan that’s extremely simple to maintain, a professional chef’s pan is a great idea, with layered construction featuring stainless-steel and aluminum. A chef’s pan is particularly suited for sautéing, steaming and braising and gives you two side handles for easy grabbing.