Non-Stick and Stainless Steel Saucepans

When you’re setting up your kitchen, one of the key components is a saucepan. They are essential to making not only the sauces you need for your special meal, but also for general cooking. Saucepans are great to have since they can serve so many purposes and come in a wide variety of sizes. Williams-Sonoma carries pans from Scanpan, All-Clad and Mauviel among many other popular brands, including our own store brand.

Many of these pans are simple with straight sides, while others are a bit fancier with pour spouts. You can find polenta pans, deep saucepans and even ones made from cast iron. No matter what type of pot you need for your kitchen cookware collection, there are options available to meet your needs.

Saucepans, just like skillets or dutch ovens, come in a variety of materials as well. Many of the top-rated pieces that we offer are made from copper or stainless steel. They come in numerous finishes, including hammered varieties. A copper butter warmer might be the perfect addition to your collection along with standard stainless-steel saucepans.

Take a look at our fry pans and skillets to fill in that missing piece in your cookware set, as well as our grill pans and griddles. Don’t forget your oven when you’re shopping for cookware. Our line of ovenware can help fill in the gaps and help you look forward to preparing your next meal.