Saucepans: Cast Iron Saucepans and Sauciers

An expertly crafted saucepan is an invaluable tool in every cook’s arsenal, and one you’ll reach for time and time again for simmering sauces and cooking vegetables or grains. A ceramic nonstick saucepan features commercial-grade construction for longevity, and it releases food effortlessly with little to no oil. A shimmering copper saucepan crafted in Normandy, France offers beauty and performance with a three-layer core and a stainless-steel cooking surface for superior heat distribution and browning. An enameled cast-iron saucepan is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your kitchen decor, and its heat-retention properties make it the perfect choice for sauce or soup preparation and slow-cooked meals. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is simple. A 4-quart stainless-steel chef’s pan crafted in Italy makes a bold statement with a silver-plated, hand-cast brass asparagus knob.

If you want to enjoy grilled foods both indoors and out, Williams-Sonoma’s grill pans let you cook with a large surface area and create those coveted perfect grill marks every time. Our stock and multipots let you steam vegetables and meats, cook pasta, prepare stocks and melt chocolate with ease. Prepare rich, flavorful dishes in one of our many Dutch ovens and braisers.