Roasting Pans: Turkey Roasters and Turkey Pans

The circle of savory goodness in your kitchen often begins and ends with the proper roaster. When succulent meats, fresh veggies and fragrant herbs are roasted to perfection the roasting pan drippings can then be deglazed or used to make gravies and stock bases that are packed with intense flavors. Nurse your stock properly in one of our stock pots by simmering it slowly and adding seasonings to taste as it develops. Use your custom stock in soups, sauces and stews and baste your roasting meats with it. Freeze the stock into cubes, and then place in freezer bags to add as needed to chili, marinara or stew.

Covered roasters are great tools at holiday time since they cook hams and turkeys and keep them moist too. Wild game is another dish that is enhanced by being marinated and then roasted with a cover to help keep in juices. Attractive roasters go from oven to table with no need for extra serving dishes but order decorative and sturdy trivets for table protection. Several trivets may be needed for large roasters. If you regularly cook jumbo birds or cuts of meat for crowds you should order the deepest, largest roasters available. Flared roasters offer even more room for large poultry. Order rack inserts with handles to raise meat up from juices and to help serve it after it’s roasted to perfection. Take your stocks and roasting to the next level with copper roasters and cookware from Williams-Sonoma that are elegant and full of superior cooking qualities.