Cooking with cast iron has many benefits and, at Williams-Sonoma, we offer a complete line of Lodge cast-iron cookware that will please any home chef. The history of Lodge cookware can be traced back to 1896, and it remains a family business to this day. Cast iron offers a very deep flavor profile, particularly when it is seasoned correctly. The Lodge cookware comes preseasoned, which means that it can be immediately used on any stove top. The Lodge cast-iron pans are versatile and can be used to cook a wide range of meals including meat, eggs and fish. As well, the pan can be tossed into the oven for extra grilling. Keep hands safe with one of our oven mitts. Choose from a variety of colors or opt for the heavy-duty mitt for the multitasking chef.

For a true traditional cast-iron item, consider the Lodge Dutch oven. We offer one for stove top and ovens as well as for camping. The Lodge camping Dutch oven traces back to the American pioneers. Cooking over an open flame with lids for coals can be used to cook delicious dishes, such as cobblers, sloppy joes and casseroles. Complement the Dutch oven with a fire starter to ensure a great meal while enjoying the outdoors. The fire starter is a great tool to have since it helps start fires in any weather. Light a roaring fire, get the meal cooking in the Dutch oven and look forward to a delicious feast.

For a cast-iron cookware that is highly specialized, our Lodge mini cake pan is worth a look. It can be used for a range of items like biscuits, dessert cakes and other round food like pancakes. Pies are also a popular item that is often cooked in cast iron. The even heating throughout makes for a crisp and brown crust. With the right pan preparation, the crust will slide off from the pan onto a plate easily. Speed up the cooking process with cake mix. These mixes allow cooks to make tasty sweet recipes, such as Bundt cake and pound cake. Garnish or decorate the cake with some frosting. Use our decorating tools for a professional presentation.

For some more baking, grab the Lodge wedge pan. These have triangular compartments for making scones and other bread. Bring in a bit of modernity while using this traditional pan with one of our scales. The digital scales can help cooks prepare accurately measured ingredients. This is vital during baking since the balance of ingredients can make or break the final product.

For those who absolutely love cast iron, the Lodge reversible grill and griddle pan is a great addition. Since both sides offer a different cook, it is both versatile and useful. Sear meats, cook large meals and enjoy a juicy dish. Cook some steak on the griddle side and enjoy a deep brown sear. Use a set of tongs to turn the meat. We have stainless-steel options with and without grip handles. Choose a long pair for working above open flames, or opt for nonstick tongs to guarantee a pristine dish.

If seeking a nontoxic cookware option, Lodge cast-iron cookware is hard to beat. The Lodge name stands for excellence. Remarkably, the grandchildren of the original founder, Joseph Lodge, work to this day to provide top-notch cast-iron cookware. The allure of the cast-iron cookware is only shadowed by the vibrant dishes that they produce. Many also use it to feel a connection with the countryʼs pioneers, who also used the same tools to cook for themselves generations ago. Enjoy the same thrill with our line of Lodge cast-iron cookware.