Nonstick Grill Pans

When summer is over and it’s time to pack up the grill for the year, it may seem likely that there will be no more grilling until the grill cover comes off next Memorial Day. However, adding a nonstick grill pan to your indoor cookware set allows you to grill all of your favorite foods all year long, even when it’s snowing outside.

Choose from different types of nonstick grill pans to cook exceptional food right in your kitchen. A double-burner grill pan allows you to place the pan over both burners on a stove, giving you ample room to make some of your favorite recipes. Cook steaks, chops, burgers, chicken and even vegetables with enough room to spare. You can also opt for a single-burner grill pan. Smaller in size, this pan still has enough space to grill up several pieces of meat and vegetables too. If you are cooking up a well-sized portion of steak, opt for a double-handle grill pan, providing you with leverage and balance as you move the pan off of the stove to serve the food. Those who are fond of cooking burgers especially appreciate a nonstick grill pan with an included press, great for pressing burgers down to get a perfect patty, or to put weight on steaks for a perfect temperature. A nonstick grill pan with a lid allows you to partially steam the food, keeping marinated flavors and juices in the pan. In this instance, a grill pan works much better than a regular saucepan; you can achieve perfect marks on a great piece of meat while sautéing it in its own juices.

Some grill pans also double as griddles, allowing you to have a grill pan on one side and a griddle on the other. While both can’t be used at the same time, it’s terrific to have both options in your kitchen. You can grill a steak for dinner and whip up some pancakes for breakfast the next morning. Some of the grill pans from Williams-Sonoma do have both surfaces on one side, allowing you to use a grill pan and a griddle at the same time. This way, you can grill the perfect burger while you are frying up some bacon.

Several durable materials are available when it comes to nonstick grill pans, including cast iron. A long favorite of cooks for decades, cast iron is one of the most durable cookware materials available. Ceramic is also a great material when it comes to nonstick grill pans. Not only is ceramic durable, it is very easy to clean.