Braisers & Rondeaus

If you‘re finding your basic collection of cookware insufficient to complete big tasks such as cooking a big batch of risotto or braising a rack of ribs, consider introducing braiser pans and rondeau pans into your culinary tool kit. These cookware items have some specialty applications but can also slot in nicely with basic frying pans and stockpots, providing much-needed versatility as you expand your recipe repertoire. Available in high-end materials such as copper, ceramic, stainless-steel and cast iron, you can find a braiser or rondeau pan to suit your cooking style and level of cookware care expertise.

Williams-Sonoma brings you this collection of braiser pans and rondeau pans with offerings from the world’s top culinary manufacturers. You’ll recognize big names such as Le Creuset and All-Clad and learn about some lower-profile but just as prestigious brands such as Mauviel 1830, a French cookware company that’s been in the hands of the Mauviel family for generations. From sleek utilitarianism to designs that balance form and function with delightful embellishment and rich color, our collection of braisers and rondeaus offers you a wealth of choice among a variety of carefully vetted selections. No matter which style works best for you, you can have confidence that we’ve applied our legendary quality standards to your new cookware piece.

With rondeaus and braisers in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, you can zero in on the option that works best for your culinary style. From specialty paella pans to generously proportioned braisers that can hold anything from a pork shoulder to a massive bread loaf, we bring both quality and versatility to our selections in this product category. And thanks to our careful curation of offerings, you can have confidence not only that your purchase will stand the test of time with proper care but also that you can select a pan that is beautiful enough to double as an elegant serving piece, allowing you to present your completed dishes to your family and guests without delay.

From meat to rice and everything in between, our collection of braiser pans and rondeau pans delivers legendary quality, practical versatility and beautiful design to your home kitchen. By using the same equipment that the pros use to cook impressive dishes such as paella or braised roasts, you can help elevate your cooking projects to the next level, bolstered not only by talent but also by the best tools on the market.