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Williams-Sonoma Hard-Anodized Copper Cookware

It is okay to call Williams-Sonoma Hard-Anodized Copper Cookware an eco-friendly choice for your kitchen. That’s because the thick copper core of this cookware conducts heat so well you will use less of it when frying, braising and simmering foods. The hard-anodized aluminum coating on the cookware makes it oven-safe up to 500F. Hard-anodized copper cookware can handle metal spoons and spatulas, but pieces must be hand-washed to clean. We also carry hard-anodized copper cookware that’s dishwasher-safe for a more convenient cooking experience. All of our hard-anodized copper cook sets and individual pieces have lovely black finishes, superior non-stick interiors and bright metal lids.

If you want the warm glow of copper as well as its high-efficiency performance in your kitchen choose from our wide selection of cookware with copper exteriors including risotto pans, soup pots, sauteuses and fry pans. All-Clad Copper cookware in a polished silvery finish is also an option. You get the consistent heat of copper with a lower maintenance exterior. If you desire even more copper in your life order specialty cookware like fondue pots and crepe pans in copper to have its many charms become part of your entertaining plans.