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A good chef knows that the pans you use really do make a difference when you cook. High-quality pans make cooking easier. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer our own line of cookware made of quality materials that make cooking and cleaning up easier.
Our Stainless-Steel Cookware line features Thermo-CladÂȘ technology that ensures even heating with no hot spots, making cooking more efficient overall. It features a magnetic stainless-steel exterior over an aluminum-alloy core and ergonomic handles. Available as a 10- or 15-piece set, or as individual pieces, it includes an omelet pan, stock pot, soup pot and a deep fryer. The Stay Cool lids remain cool to the touch while keeping food warm.
The Professional Nonstick Cookware line offers a titanium nonstick surface and a recycled aluminum base. Dishwasher safe, the pans provide even heating without warping and include see-through tempered glass lids. In addition to the sets available, individual pans include a steamer set, a braiser, a Dutch oven, a grill pan, a griddle and a wok.
The ability to rapidly heat and cool characterize our Hard-Anodized Copper Cookware. Made of a copper core with an anodized-aluminum outer finish, the pots and pans cook efficiently at lower temperatures and feature a nonstick surface that can hold up to metal utensils. Available as a 4-piece set, individual pans include a saute pan and saucepan. Indulge your inner chef with quality cookware that takes making dinner to a whole new level.