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Le Creuset

All-Clad Cookware Under $100

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Lodge Cookware Under $100

Cookware Under $100

With affordable cookware from Williams-Sonoma, you can stock your kitchen with all of the tools necessary to create the dishes of your dreams. Whether you need new tea or instant coffee brewed using a stove-top kettle. These stainless-steel, copper or aluminum kettles heat up quickly when placed on the burner, and give you the classic kettle whistle when they are finished boiling. You can also please guests with one of the best cups of coffee they have ever had when you make it using an authentic French press. These devices let you add grounds to them, add water and then plunge down to create an exceptionally strong brew.

Some of our affordable cookware items may seem like novelties, but once you use them you will never know how you lived without them. The stainless-steel asparagus pot boils the vegetable right on the stove top, making sure to cook the bottom parts longer to get them as tender as the tops. A trivet lets you take your beautiful cookware straight from the oven, and then place it safely on the table for presentation and serving. And a butter crock lets you you’re your butter on the counter so it is soft and spreadable, yet the crock chills your butter at the same time to keep it fresh outside of the refrigerator.