Swiss Diamond Cookware

As a world-renowned distributor of classic nonstick cookware, Swiss Diamond brings the durability and functionality you need back to your kitchen. Our selection of Swiss Diamond cookware creates an atmosphere in your kitchen that allows you to explore recipes both new and old, such as original sauces using our selection of classic sauté pans or slow cooking your way to roasted perfection using our line of Swiss Diamond nonstick roasting pans. Whether you want to try your hand at a goulash or whip together an Irish stew in a stockpot that feeds the entire family, you can expect the same patented nonstick coating using real diamond crystals in our entire line of Swiss Diamond Cookware.

From griddle pans to nonstick fry pans, the entire selection of cookware ensures that your meals are moist and tender by evenly distributing heat across the entire cooking surface, which eliminates hot spots that cause your food to cook unevenly. Our selection of Swiss Diamond Cookware fry pans, grill pans, saute pans and stockpots come with lightweight, ergonomic handles that stay cool to the touch. Eliminate the hassle of continuously searching for pot holders when youʼre ready to release even the most delicate foods.

Choose from our selection of Swiss Diamond Cookware nonstick griddle pans to create authentic Italian pizza pies without the need of a traditional pizza oven. Cook a genuine homemade pizza without starting an inferno in your kitchen when you preheat your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Swiss Diamondʼs griddle pans span across two burners and work just as well for cooking eggs, sausage and pancakes as they do for cooking pizzas. Swiss Diamondʼs griddle pans also include the nonstick coating making cleaning a snap after serving an authentic, family-sized pizza pie. The griddle pans work on electric, gas and ceramic cooktops.

Turn a dry, tough roast that you planned on serving to your family as the centerpiece of your dinner into juicy, golden brown perfection by adding one of Williams-Sonoma Swiss Diamondʼs roasters to your collection. The roasters give you a chance to experiment a little with your recipes like nicely browned and evenly cooked squares of tofu. You can even try roasting your beef and pork skewers instead of grilling them and hoping they cook evenly since the surface of each roaster is nonstick with no hot and cold spots.

Aside from roasting traditional meats to perfection, you can use the roasters to sear chicken, steam fish or use it to make an extra-large serving of lasagna. If you love to make all your chicken and beef stocks from scratch, Swiss Diamondʼs roasters allow you to combine all of your ingredients easily and slow cook them into that deep brown color you love in beef stock and that light, golden-brown color that is notorious in a homemade chicken stock. Saute some fresh vegetables in your homemade chicken stock using one of your collection of Swiss Diamond fry pans.

Try our selection of grill pans and bring your outdoor cooking experience into the comfort of your home. If you happen to live in an apartment building with no grills or in a condominium where the homeowners' association forbids grilling, a Swiss Diamond grill pan eliminates both of those roadblocks. You can expect the signature charred flavor that you get with traditional grills, and they deliver consistently healthy and tasty meals every time you use one. The raised ridges ensure you get the classic grill marks that you associate with outdoor grilling. With traditional grilling, the fat rolls off the meat and down between the grates, which keeps your burgers and other meats from sitting and cooking in their own fat. With Swiss Diamondʼs grill pans, you can expect the same result as the pans raised ridges allows the fat to roll off the meat just like a traditional grill.