Staub Cast-Iron Cookware

Cooking with cast-iron provides a precise and even experience unique to this cooking surface. Staub Cast-Iron is designed to give home chefs superior performance in incredible designs. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a full line of Staub Cast-Iron cookware so you can choose the best pieces to add to your kitchen.
Made of heavyweight enameled cast-iron to retain heat evenly, the glossy finish comes in multiple colors that look great on any shelf. The pots and pans resist rust, chipping and cracking and include a mix of pans to get any cook started making delicious meals for the family. Surprise the cook in your family with a new Staub cast-iron pan and other items from our special Valentine’s Day selection.
Choose individual pans based on filling needs in the kitchen like grill pans that have special ridges that brown meats and vegetables just like outdoor grills, but on the stove. The enamel surface on the pans features traces of quartz to help it withstand high temperatures, and some pans come with pour spouts to easily drain grease and fats away from foods. Use them with cooking utensils designed to protect cast-iron surfaces.
Make casseroles and in cast-iron baking dishes that can go straight from the oven to the table. Their dishwasher-safe design makes them practical, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Combine them with our pastry tools to help the baker in your family make some delicious desserts for family gatherings. Make the switch to cast-iron today and see what you’ve been missing.