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Bring some French cast-iron magic into your kitchen with your choice of cookware pieces in eight colors made by the renowned artisans of Staub. The cocottes, braisers and other enameled pieces in the collection at Williams-Sonoma are finished in the classic Staub majolique, a layered process that creates intense color with a depth and shine on the exterior of bakeware and pans. Like the heirloom one-pot savory dishes that are a huge part of the mealtime history of the Alsace and Calais regions of France, your Staub cookware will stand the test of time.

Staub covered braisers, ovens and cocottes feature the self-basting lid design, keeping juices circulating and dripping down onto your dishes as they cook. Small spikes capture the steam and distribute it evenly so meals are succulent and full of flavor. Choose from models with shiny brass lid knobs or enjoy the nickel-plated rooster handle on the Staub Cast-Iron Coq Au Vin. Attractive and colorful cast-iron bakeware from Staub is designed to go from stove to table with style, saving you the hassle of washing extra serving dishes. Cast-iron pieces are dishwasher-safe, too, and they don’t need to be seasoned like some cast-iron cookware.

Since you can use the Staub cast-iron on any cook top, including induction ranges, a set of Staub cookware is a great investment in good eating in any kitchen from rustic to modern spaces. The 12-piece set includes four cocottes with lids, two cast-iron fry pans and two gratins. There’s enough cooking space in the cookware set to capably feed a large family or well-attended dinner. The seven-piece set should be considered part of any cook’s essential tools and makes a great gift for a new homeowner or graduate who cooks. The matte black interior finish on Staub bakeware and pans is designed to sear meat to bring out flavor yet release foods easily even after hours of cooking. Even newbie cooks can create culinary successes. Cast-iron pieces are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but will retain heat and simmer any dish at energy-saving low temperatures as well.

If gourmet and exotic foods are your thing, create mouthwatering Moroccan and other North African dishes in the Staub Cast-Iron Tagine. The cone-shaped cover on this piece is the traditional way to bring juices up the sides to baste couscous or stew in the base. Order gratins for individual meals or the fun and functional Staub Cast-Iron Round Tea Kettle with superior heat retention, an ample spout and one-quart capacity to keep your teacups full.

Other pieces in the Staub collection include crepe pans, grill presses, fish plates, escargot plates and mussel pots. You’re covered for brunch or a seafood feast. And you can forget clumsy cans if you want some sweet roasted chicken. The Staub Cast-Iron Vertical Chicken Roaster has a molded stand for your poultry and molded broad handles for safe transporting from oven or smoker to the carving spot or table. There’s also a Staub Cast-Iron Paella Pan with a 15.5" diameter for a traditional paella night or for creating any large fried-and-simmered dish. On the smaller side, Staub Cast-Iron Mini-Cocottes are just the right size for singles or couples to make individual servings of soups, beans and casseroles. They’re sold in sets of three in your choice of colors and include lids. Mini-cocottes are wonderful for baking sweet dishes like bread pudding, baked apples and cobblers too.

Feel free to mix and match the colors of your Staub cookware to reflect your personal style. Minimalist kitchens look great with the white, black and graphite Staub pieces while traditional kitchens are enhanced by cherry, sapphire blue and basil cookware. Grenadine and red are good choices for a vintage kitchen. All Staub cast-iron pieces look great paired with your other decor including your copper, porcelain and stainless-steel kitchen furnishings.

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