Cookware Sets: Nonstick, Stainless Steel and Copper Cookware Collections

Whether an innovative and aspiring cook hoping to become a famous chef, a person moving into their very first apartment, or a mom or dad that has cooked meals for the family for years using the same old tired pots and pans, equipping the kitchen with new cookware is a priority. At Williams-Sonoma, we provide only the finest cookware collections for everyone from the casual cook to gifted and experienced pros. You can be sure that here you will find everything you need for a fully outfitted kitchen, from fry pans and skillets to large stockpots and specialty saucepots. Our All-Clad TK™ 11-Piece Inspiration Cookware Set features our world-renowned All-Clad cookware in collaboration with famous chef Thomas Keller – receiver of multiple Michelin stars for his award-winning restaurants – that pairs each piece of cookware with its ideal material, allowing for unprecedented culinary perfection. This magnificent set includes two d5 All-Clad fry pans with five precision-engineered layers for maximum performance, three copper-core saucepots for perfect heat distribution, an exquisite rondeau, an aluminum-core stockpot for quick and even cooking, and more.

For recipes that require slow-cooking to bring out mouthwatering flavors, our Le Creuset Cast Iron & Stoneware 11-Piece Cookware Set provides recipients that can be taken directly from stovetop to oven with no hassle, letting our customers sear, braise, cook, or roast their favorite meals with ease. Of course, a professional chef or a complete household cooking layout also requires cutlery and cooking utensils. We offer an ample selection of both. If you are looking to organize your cookware, we recommend using a sophisticated and practical pot rack.