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Scanpan Professional Cookware

Scanpan Classic Cookware

Scanpan CTX Cookware


Boasting old-world craftsmanship and functional designs, Scanpan cookware is made in Denmark using 100 percent recycled aluminum to ensure durability. The ceramic titanium used makes the cookware 10 times harder than most stainless-steel options, and makes it heat-resistant as well. Our collection features several product lines, including classic, professional and CTX. Get a classic griddle/grill combo that goes atop two burners to cook eggs and meats easily. The professional nonstick cookware set that features a saucepan, frying pan and stockpot is useful for most cooking tasks and donʼt forget to include ovenware pans for cornbread and cakes. Experiment with more menus and improve your cooking skills with Scanpan covered pans, Dutch ovens, roasters and woks. With reliable options for braising, simmering and baking, Williams-Sonoma prides itself in offering quality cookware like Scanpan that equips your kitchen with the essential tools.

If you are looking for highly functional options, then the Cristel cookware collection makes an ideal pick. The collection boasts removable handles with stackable designs that increase efficiency in your kitchen. The satin pans are ideal for sautéing vegetables and frying meats. You can also remove the handles to use them for finishing gratins and egg dishes in the oven. Our selection features saucepans, stockpots and stewpots that come with clear lids to prevent splatters and allow you view the food easily. Replacement handles also are available if you happen to lose or damage the handles.

Complement your Scanpan cookware with more useful and functional options from KitchenAid, a celebrated brand that started with a stand mixer. Achieve professional results in your own kitchen with a stainless-steel cookware set that features several pans and pots. The set attains even heating thanks to the layer of aluminum that is placed between two layers of stainless-steel. Order a tri-ply nonstick fry pan for sautéing vegetables and cooking omelets. The pan is dishwasher-safe, saving you time and effort when cleanup time occurs. With sturdy steel handles, itʼs easier to transfer your pans and pots without fear of dropping the contents.

Both avid and professional cooks need cookware that delivers maximum performance and results. Our Scanpan cookware boasts heavy aluminum construction that ensures they will serve you in your kitchen for many years to come. You can boost the use of your set with options from All-Clad cookware. This collection features options of multiple metals to give cooks choices in style and durability. The product lines include D5 stainless-steel, NS1, D5 brushed stainless-steel, D5 hybrid and D3 armor for daily kitchen tasks. You can choose a single item or a 30-piece set that comes complete with various kitchen essentials. If you need a nonstick roaster or griddle, there are ideal picks for making pancakes, eggs, meat and poultry dishes. Get a cookware set with five-ply construction to enjoy quick and even heating for your delicate sauces.

Using the Scanpan cookware is essential when prepping a meal for your entire family or guests. The pans get your eggs cooked properly and the saucepans deliver delectable sauces. You can even enhance the entire cooking process with pieces from Nordic Ware for both cooking and baking. Get golden-brown waffle sticks with a waffle stick pan or make a ring-shaped kugelhopf with our cast-aluminum pan. With variety teacake and cakelet pan options, you will always enjoy your morning breakfast as you want. Get cake pans with shapes that delight kids and let them savor the sweet-tasting homemade pastries.

You will likely need additional options to supplement your Scanpan cookware. If you want Dutch ovens, bakers, cocottes, ramekins or teakettles, then Le Creusetʼs is a good choice as their cast-iron pans, cookware and pots give you unlimited choices for almost all kitchen tasks. Get a Dutch oven for your roasts and casseroles. We also have specialty tools, such as French presses, lobster pots, egg trays and paella pans. Purchase a teakettle in order to enjoy piping-hot tea that energizes you for a new day or relaxes you at the end of a long one.

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