Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

Whether you’re a master chef or just need to boil a pot of water for a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold night, a kitchenware set isn’t complete without an assortment of pots and pans. More importantly, when the night ends and the cookware has been cleaned, you also need a place to store those pots and pans. When whipping up a saucy pasta for a night with the family, or going all out with a celebratory dinner of sautéed seafood, at the end of the night you will be glad to have a wall-mounted pot rack for easy storage. Williams-Sonoma has numerous wall-mounted pot racks, from small to large, in materials to fit right in with your kitchen design.

The wall-mounted pot racks come in designs to suit any kitchen, and material options include copper, hammered steel and stainless-steel. Available shapes and forms vary from simple rectangles that can hang from the ceiling to hooks on a flat board for walls. We even offer hammock-shaped wall mounts for adding a bit more flair to the room. Sizes vary to fit your collection; you can find boards with 12 hooks that you can arrange to fit your needs, or spinning racks with six angled pot hooks to allow cookware to nest together for convenient placement. Sturdy designs ensure that your pots and pans stay in place once on the hooks. Using a wall-mounted pot rack allows you to free up valuable cabinet space while adding a functional decorative touch to your kitchen.

We stock wall-mounted pot racks from esteemed brands such as Enclume, which uses only the finest traditional French craftsman tools to forge its products. Quality construction ensures more durable products, and less worry over when to replace them.

Wall-mounted pot racks must be properly cared for to remain in excellent condition and to continue complementing your kitchen. Materials such as stainless-steel must be kept dry, so before you line your pots on the hooks, make sure they are free of moisture. Always hang clean pots and pans on the rack to avoid getting the wall-mounted pot rack spotted, and if it does, wash it and properly dry it before hanging pots. The wall-mounted racks need to be anchored properly to the walls, preferably in solid wood studs to ensure they stay connected to the wall, allowing the best possible support for your kitchenware.