Pot Rack Accessories

By using a pot rack in your kitchen, you already know that these storage items not only provide a place to hang or set your cookware but also give you an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen. When using wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted pot racks, your pots and pans can be hung in various designs, either front facing, nesting or even in a mismatched eclectic fashion. Look here for extra accessories for your hanging pot racks in order to add a few extra pots and pans to your new or already existing rack.

A set of five pot rack hooks for your All-Clad Gourmet pot rack includes three 5.5"-long magnetic hooks and two 8”-long magnetic hooks. These magnetic hooks are forged with patent-pending Magnatrac technology, keeping your pots securely in place while taking down and hanging your pots and pans. Since they are magnetized, you can rearrange your hooks in a different pattern easily without the need for tools. Try hanging your pots and pans in a nesting pattern to fit a greater amount of cookware on your rack.

For your Enclume pot rack, choose a set of straight pot hooks when you want your pots to hang forward facing or back facing. These hooks come in a set of six and are 4.5" long. If you prefer your pots to nest together for a more space-saving design, choose a set of angled Enclume pot hooks. These are also 4.5" long and come in a set of six. Each of these sets can be used with all Enclume hammered-steel pot racks and are sturdy enough to hold large and heavy pots and pans securely.

Williams-Sonoma’s line of Enclume pot racks combine fine details and handcrafted workmanship to create sturdy and simple yet ornate pot racks to add to your kitchen decor and organization, whether you’ve chosen a pot rack that hangs by the ceiling or is mounted to the wall, or perhaps you’ve selected a simple wall bar on which to hang a small set of pots and pans. Enclume uses a unique process to produce their hammered steel pot racks, known as tumbling bar steel, which results in a finish that is warm and velvety to accent your kitchen. If you find your pot rack has plenty of cookware hanging from it, but you still have extra pots and pans to display, complement your Enclume hanging rack with an Enclume standing pot rack. These conveniently sit in a corner or other location of your kitchen and can not only display pots and pans but also your bakeware, ceramic cookware, stainless-steel woks, copper tea kettles and more.