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Organization is very important in any kitchen. You need to be able to grab what you need quickly, while still trying to keep an eye on your food. Storage is one of the main parts of organization. Most homeowners like to have extra storage that is easy to access. For cookware, a great solution is a pot rack. Pot racks come in a variety of shapes and materials, so finding one that matches your kitchen decor is easy. These racks anchor in your ceiling so they can hold the heavier pots and pans without falling. The hooks that are included to hang the pots are adjustable as needed and some racks even come with extension hooks if you need something to hang lower from the rack. Williams-Sonoma also offers wall mounted racks that can hold a few pots or other items as you need. These come in both bar shapes and half circles.

The racks come in long ovals, squares or circle type shapes. The variety in sizes and shapes mean that they can fit in a number of spaces where you might not consider hanging one. If the number of hooks that come with a rack are not enough you can find extra hooks in straight or angled sizes to maximize the use of the room on the rack.

Add some fun specialty cookware to your kitchen with fondue pots and egg boiling racks, or warm it up with a good cup of tea from our selection of teakettles. You don't want to forget your outdoor cooking either, so shop our outdoor cookware so that your next cookout stands out from the rest.