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Consider Williams-Sonoma your personal pot rack shop. Imagine the possibilities for your kitchen efficiency and style when you add one or more of our sturdy and attractive pot storage solutions. Thereʼs a sleek metal hanging rack for the modern kitchen; a stately wood and metal rack for the rustic kitchen; and a delicate corner unit for the more compact and graceful cooking space. If you just need a place to store large items like your favorite wok so they are up and out of everyoneʼs way, a simple wall bar is exactly what you want. Shop the entire collection and then start measuring your kitchen to choose the best designs for your cookware storage needs.

Pro kitchens keep tools hanging where theyʼre most needed or where they all end up at the end of the day, so a pastry chef adorns the pot rack with mixing bowls, mixer attachments, whisks and a chinois. The cleanup crew lines the dishwashing-station-wall pot racks with drying saucepans and colanders. The sous chef has a pot rack dripping with oven-safe skillets. Use the same time-saving tactic in your own kitchen by choosing pot racks that fit close to areas where you need ready access to cookware and storage.

Ceiling racks are works of art in their own right and are available in round, rectangular and oval configurations that are as decorative or as simple as you like. Iron racks with thick bands of metal are timeless styles that look great in traditional and contemporary kitchens. Wood and metal pot racks give the impression of once having hung in a grand castleʼs kitchen. Theyʼre great accents in kitchens with vaulted ceilings, and you can choose complementary lighting fixtures that combine with pot racks to warm up the space overhead in stylish and functional ways. A new cookware set deserves to be shown off, and matching cookware makes a great display in any kitchen.

Copper pot racks are available for a shimmering accent above your prep space. Black, charcoal and white pans make a lovely contrast to the copper rack. Flat wall racks are made to hold a few pans in a small area, and theyʼre finished in designs that are chosen to coordinate with our other kitchen tools. Clean-lined, corner racks have shelves to hold pots and pans, and they stand alone so you can move them where you need them. Your copper cookware will look great arranged on our pot shelves or on our copper pot racks.

Think beyond pots and pans when deciding what to hang on your racks. You have the option of choosing hanging racks with open centers or internal grids to accommodate a wide variety of kitchen equipment. With enough pot hooks, you can hang items with handles including flour sifters, strainers and whisks. If thereʼs a spot where the hooks can grab an item without harming the finish, that item can hang as well, so you can store your cooling racks, measuring-spoon rings and favorite stainless-steel utensils. The best thing about a pot rack is that you make the rules. If you need it close by, hang it. No one will judge.

Pot racks are a true lifesaver for cooks with tiny kitchens. Order a compact ceiling unit to hang above your center island or a half-round rack for an unused wall space. Your cabinets and countertops will be freed for dinnerware and other items youʼd rather keep down low. You wonʼt need to check the oven for stored pots and pans before you turn it on, and you can take pots and pans straight from the dishwasher or sink to the pot rack to air dry safely. Shop our collection of cookware and housekeeping items to discover more storage solutions for your kitchen and needs.

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