Specialty Ovenware

Having the basic essentials in any kitchen is a must, from cooking the smallest dinners for you and your family to entertaining a large crowd. Every kitchen is typically stocked with cookware such as frying pans, Dutch ovens and roasters. However, adding specialty cookware to your kitchen set opens up a new world of cooking, allowing you to create different and interesting items that your friends and family will love. Everything from a mussel pot to a fish poacher allows you to take your cooking to the next level.

Make delicious paella with a nonstick pan made specifically for paella. Designed by Staub, this pan has a shallow, unique shape for the fast evaporation of liquid and for making perfect paella. After you’ve cooked the meal, the pan also doubles as a serving platter, allowing you to go from stove to table in seconds. Those who prefer recipes with large filets or like to cook a whole fish must have a fish plate designed for the oven. Opt for a rust-resistant cast-iron fish plate that provides the best in heat conductivity. Aesthetically pleasing and durable, this fish plate can go from stove to table easily, doubling as a serving plate for guests. For an alternative to baking fish, decide on a copper fish poacher with a rack and included lid. A healthy, interesting way to cook fish, you can poach easily in this deep pan constructed of 2-mm copper. A tin-lined interior makes this pan easy to clean. Stainless-steel fish poachers are also available from Williams-Sonoma, should you prefer stainless-steel rather than copper. Add to your seafood feast with a mussel pot. Just like mussel appetizers you’ve ordered in restaurants through the years, add your own delectable wine sauce to this cast-iron mussel pot for an exceptional meal at home.

When you are serving a large party, such as for the holidays, a chafing dish is a must to help keep foods warm. Let guests serve themselves buffet-style while foods are kept hot for hours. A durable stainless-steel construction adds to durability while a “stay-cool” handle provides safety to your guests.

Make specialty corn bread with a cast-iron cornstick pan. This unique pan allows you to make cornbread in the shape of ears of corn, and it is a perfect fall or autumn treat. Its smooth finish guards against rust and makes this pan easy to clean. This cornstick pan is ideal for both oven and grill use and is compatible with any cooktop, including induction cooking.