Having the right bakeware to make the perfect dish in the oven is an essential thing. It’s tough to substitute tools and equipment and still have a delectable dish sometimes. Many have learned the hard way, for example, that a springform pan is indeed necessary for making cheesecake. When it comes to make petite desserts, oven-baked soups and pot pies, a cocotte pan is a must for any home kitchen. Its construction cooks foods evenly and thoroughly with no hot spots, and its versatility allows you to serve food from oven to table stylishly and efficiently.

A cocotte pan does not necessarily have to be miniature; however, most come in small sizes for the specific baking of certain dishes, like mini pot pies. Williams-Sonoma has a unique collection of both cocotte pans and mini cocottes in a myriad of colors that easily complement your kitchen counter or tabletop.Choose from a four-piece mini cocotte set with a bonus cookbook to open up and broaden your kitchen to even more exquisite baking ideas. Cocotte pans come often in sets of four, and many have a high-fired stoneware construction, which is ideal for uniform heating of food. If stoneware is not your taste, look for mini cocottes with copper construction, also sold in a set of four. Copper is one of the best materials for heat conduction, and baking soups, pastas or desserts in a copper cocotte is ideal for the perfect dish every time. Those who prefer cast-iron cookware can opt for a singular cast-iron mini cocotte.

Most cocottes are round and come with matching lids. This stoneware, copper or cast-iron lid serves to keep moisture and flavors securely locked inside the pan while it is cooking, also keeping food warm for serving after you bring it to the table. If you are baking a dessert or dish that requires an oval shape, we have mini oval cocottes available. Use this for small casseroles, side dishes or soups. Not only does this mini cocotte pan go straight from the oven to the table, but it is also broiler-, freezer- and microwave-safe. If you are just whipping up a small bit of sauce that requires heating – for example, a warm remoulade – opt for a stoneware or porcelain ramekin. Not just for sauces, these small side dishes are ideal for other foods, such as mousses, souffles and vegetables. A set of four in different sizes allows you to use the ramekins for a wide variety of uses, as they are also safe to use in your oven, dishwasher and microwave.