Casserole Pans

A classic piece of ovenware that is sure to make an appearance every holiday season, a casserole dish allows you to cook much more than casseroles inside of your oven. Great for meats, poultry, roasts and vegetables, a casserole dish is a highly versatile tool that belongs in every home kitchen. This is often a go-to dish when any type of baking is called for in a meal, and with good reason. Spacious casserole dishes made of solid materials are great for use in the oven, with the potential for immediate transfer to table to serve your guests.

Many casserole dishes are made of stoneware, an excellent material for heat conductivity, and a strong material to withstand hot oven temperatures. Stoneware is also versatile enough to travel from freezer to broiler without an issue, so this type of piece is ideal for refrigerator, freezer, broiler and oven. A porcelain enamel finish makes this dish not only easy to clean, but also makes it resistant to scratches and scrapes from objects such as metal cutlery. Many stoneware casserole dishes are available in different colors to situate with and complement your existing ensemble, in addition to being available in different depths and sizes for different cooking needs. Many stoneware casseroles have an included lid, locking in moisture and keeping foods warm as they come out of the oven.

There are other materials that work well for casserole dishes other than stoneware, such as porcelain. This delicate yet durable material distributes temperature evenly so that your foods are well-cooked with a uniform heat throughout. Great for either bread puddings or your best green bean casserole you make every Thanksgiving, a porcelain casserole transfers well from the oven to the table, ready to serve guests. Many porcelain casserole dishes are also microwave-safe, in addition to being dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy cleanup after the party has ended. An included lid also furnishes a tight seal during cooking. Porcelain casserole dishes are also available in different sizes and depths, for the ability to cook every type of food from a roast to tuna casserole. Those who want a larger capacity in which to cook may appreciate a deep, rectangular stoneware casserole. Use this large casserole with its included lid or without to cook a variety of different recipes. Deep enough for even lasagna, a casserole dish allows for simple, seamless cooking. This dish is also available in a myriad of colors to complement any color scheme easily.