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Ramekins & Mini Cocottes

Specialty Ovenware


Savoring freshly baked dishes is one of the greatest joys of cooking food at home. Our ovenware collections provide you with a large selection of different forms of pans and dishes to help you prepare home cooked cakes, breads, tarts, pies, soufflés, casseroles and other delicious treats. Williams-Sonoma offers ovenware in a variety of materials, colors and styles to choose from. Browse high-quality trusted brands such as Le Creuset, Chantal and All-Clad.

When choosing new ovenware, focus on the kinds of meals you want to prepare in them. For all-purpose baking, a baker is an excellent choice. You can use bakers to prepare various dishes such as cakes, breads, casseroles, gratins and roasts. These pans and dishes come in square, rectangular, round and oval forms and feature varying depths to handle bubbling casseroles as well as pan cookies. You can find options with or without lids and handles as well. Lids are helpful for making casseroles and roasts. Handles make it easier to take your baker out of the oven while using pot holders. Some bakers are designed for specific purposes, such as making tarts, gratins or poached dishes. However, you can still often use these to prepare other kinds of foods as well.

Casseroles are deeper baking dishes with lids. These lids help keep moisture in the pan, which prevents drying and burning. True to their name, you can use casserole dishes to make casseroles, but they are also ideal for preparing small roasts, stews and roasted vegetables.

Ramekins and mini cocottes are small, round baking forms. Ramekins usually do not include lids, whereas mini cocottes do. Ramekins are handy for making soufflés and small cakes. Mini cocottes are useful for preparing personal-sized baked dishes. Some soufflé recipes call for a water bath, which involves letting the ramekin sit in a dish of warm water before baking to help regulate the temperature. If you regularly make soufflés, you may find that a large, flat dish or a rectangular baker is a useful accessory to have on hand.

Ovenware is made of several different materials. Stoneware is a kind of ceramic that is popular for casseroles and bakers. It is tough enough to resist high temperatures and forms good crusts on baked dishes. It also has nonstick properties, which makes it easy to clean. Oven-safe glass is another choice in ovenware for the same reason. Many ovenware items include nonstick coatings. These are convenient and quick to wash, but you should take care while cooking with this material. Do not use knives to cut into cakes and squares, and only use wooden or synthetic utensils while preparing and serving dishes. You can also find ovenware in metals such as cast-iron, copper and stainless-steel. Cast-iron and copper help distribute heat evenly throughout the dish, which makes it a great choice for oven baking. Stainless-steel is a great heat conductor and is very durable, so you can enjoy your cookware for many years.

Most ovenware is fairly low maintenance. Many stoneware, glass and stainless-steel pieces can go in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning quick and easy. Wash pieces with nonstick coatings by hand with a gentle brush or sponge. If your cast-iron ovenware does not have a coating, let it soak in warm water before cleaning debris away with a brush. Let it dry fully before storing it in your cabinet.

While you enjoy planning all the meals and desserts you’ll be making in your bakeware, you can also stock your kitchen with useful baking accessories. Handy utensils include large serving and mixing spoons, whisks, spatulas, flippers and tongs. A bread knife is a useful tool for slicing breads, cakes and squares that you’ve created. Always keep a pair of oven mitts or potholders on hand too, to safely remove your piping hot meals and baked goods from the oven, ready to enjoy.

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