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There is something about cooking food outside that makes people’s mouths water. The smell of burgers on the grill brings to mind summer barbecues and good times with friends. At Williams-Sonoma, we have a wide variety of outdoor cookware to make it even easier to create special dishes outdoors.

Grill some vegetables, shrimp, even a roast with potatoes in our Nonstick Grill Fry Pan covered with a PFOA-free coating that makes clean up easy. It features a perforated design that allows the food to contact the flames to get that grilled flavor, but keeps the smaller pieces out of the fire. The shallow, sloped shape allows for tossing the food over the fire and it includes a removable handle. Make a pizza with the Steel Grill Pizza Pan that has wide loop handles on both sides to make it easy to handle and stainless steel construction to absorb heat.

Make breakfast on the grill with a Ceramic Griddlemade of glazed stoneware that can withstand high temperatures. Perfect for camping trips, it also works for sandwiches and burgers. The Nonstick Steel Grill Griddle features a perforated design and works well for seafood, sliced vegetables, and sandwiches and can be used on gas or charcoal grills. Roast an entire chicken at once with one of our roasters like the Convertible Chicken Roaster that supports the bird vertically to allow fat to drip away while it cooks.

Bring the Lodge Camping Dutch Oven on a camping trip for an easy way to prepare meals outside. Use a tripod to set it up over a fire and cook up some stew or spaghetti to feed a crowd. Made of cast iron, it retains heat and offers a durable design. Get out of the kitchen and make your next meal outside.