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Nordic Ware Cookware and Bakeware

Comforting and delicious food eaten best in the company of friends and family, sweet and intense flavors that warm both heart and stomach on a cold winter day, these are the precious creeds of Nordic tradition. Now you, too, can celebrate life with your loved ones thanks to Williams-Sonoma’s Nordic Ware collection of innovative cookware. Create food that will tease your kids awake in the morning with its irresistible aromas, or dishes that will quickly become family favorites. Our Nordic Ware Rolled Omelet Pan, for example, lets you make exquisite filled omelets perfectly every time. Your friends and family will be both impressed and delighted by the omelets’ flawless appearance and amazing fillings, be they sautéed mushrooms and onions or a variety of succulent, melted cheeses. The pan’s interior contains a PFAO-free nonstick surface that means that omelets will brown beautifully and still release perfectly, no matter the fillings. Having the right spatula is also important for ideal plating.

The Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan creates incredible filled pastries akin to soft pancakes filled with sweet fruit, gooey jam, comforting chocolate, or tasty cheese. These mouthwatering and enticing delicacies are sure to be an instant hit with the whole family, and make great appetizers to serve to company as well, perhaps with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Check out our amazing selection of distinctive coffee varieties that will help get any day off to a good start.