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Nordic Ware Cookware

Nordic Ware Bakeware

Nordic Ware Under $100

Nordic Ware

The happiest times in life are the moments you spend with people you love. At Williams-Sonoma, families and friends are important to us. Thatʼs why we work so hard to find cookware thatʼs a little bit different, and something that adds some flair to your familyʼs routine. Nordic Ware cookware definitely fits the bill. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will never be the same. Have fun with eggs with our helpful egg tools. Making perfect eggs doesnʼt have to be as hard as it usually is.

Instead of store-bought bread, spice up your mornings with a waffle stick. Theyʼre crunchy, golden and shaped like a stick. Thatʼs right in so many ways. If you want to drizzle maple syrup onto the top, go right ahead. If youʼre in a hurry ― or your kids forgot to wake up and have to be out the door in mere minutes ― theyʼre easy to snack on while riding the bus or heading to work. The waffle stick pan has a special nonstick coating, so your breakfast is easy to get to and even easier to clean up afterward. For a super quick lunch, think Oanini press. Your kids ― or friends, loved ones and whoever else you make Panini sandwiches for ― will thank you big time.

Many people become frustrated when trying to cook with a gas stove. Gas heat can be hard to control, especially when you just want a small flame to warm something up. A good solution is to use a heat diffuser. It extends the heat from the burner all across the surface of the diffuser. Say goodbye to hotspots and burnt food and hello to even cooking. Thatʼs a big deal when youʼre cooking things that are very sensitive like caramel or a roux. An 8” heat diffuser is large enough to cover any burner on normal stovetops. To make delicate sauces like the pros do, get a copper saucepan. Copper conducts heat well, which gives you much more control.

Bring the succulent flavors of grilled food indoors with an advanced grill pan. Raised grooves hold all your favorite proteins while theyʼre slowly grilled to perfection. In the meantime, any fat or grease is drained below. The bottom line: flavorful juices stay in and fat doesnʼt. When dinner time rolls around, you can eat to your heartʼs content without having to feel guilty about it ― everything tastes great. Cutting up fresh vegetables wonʼt take long with a vegetable knife.

If youʼre wondering what to do about dessert, weʼve got that covered, too. Feast on the sweet taste of a Bundt cake with an artistic twist. Nordic Ware is the worldʼs premiere producer of Bundt cake molds, and itʼs easy to see. Instead of settling for a normal round white cake like every other, our pans come in endless shaped, from an elegant spiral to delicate flower petals. Thereʼs even a heart-shaped mold when you want to say ‟I love you” with a sweet treat. Let your creative talents flow free and show off a bit in the process. The molds release effortlessly and are a breeze to clean. Display your finished work of art with one of our cake stands for all to admire.

Nordic Ware specializes in making a cold, dreary and long winter seem much less cold and much less dreary. Youʼve got those piping hot waffle sticks and waffle pancakes to keep everyone warm. No matter how much snow falls outside, with your grill pan, youʼre an unstoppable culinary force. For a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and more, turn to a cast-aluminum fry pan. A nonstick surface makes working with eggs easy. It has raised sides, so you can cook many at the same time. Thanks to a long stay-cool handle, you donʼt need to worry about burning yourself while you do it. A cup of freshly brewed coffee is another welcome comfort come winter. Make a whole pot or a single cup with our coffee machines.

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