Mauviel Cookware Under $100

Internationally-renowned Mauviel cookware makes an exquisite addition to any kitchen. Recognized by exclusive restaurants and discerning cooks alike, Mauviel has been producing some of the world’s finest pieces for over 175 years. And now, thanks to Williams-Sonoma, every home can enjoy the quality and versatility of this incomparable French-made cookware. Our Mauviel Collection features diverse pieces that make cooking easier while at the same time giving you great results. Available in a number of different materials, one thing you can always be sure of is that Mauviel pots and pans guarantee excellent heat distribution and precise temperature control. That means that whether you’re creating sauces and reductions or sautéing proteins and vegetables, the entire container will maintain the same temperature throughout. The result is almost effortless cooking, since with no hot spots to worry about, burning and sticking need not be an issue. Of course, for the best results, it’s important to have the correct kitchen utensils for your cookware and recipe, whether metal, silicon or wood.
Our Mauviel Copper Sugar Pot is a prime example of Mauviel craftsmanship, as well as being a virtually indispensable addition to any candy or dessert confectioner’s kitchen. Comprised of 2mm-gauge copper, this pot helps you to create professional-quality caramel, pralines, hard candy, frosting and more with ease. Thanks to copper’s matchless conductive properties, sugar can be brought quickly to the ideal temperature for your recipe and will melt evenly. That way your confections always respond precisely to the heating or cooling that you wish to apply. Our baking & pastry tools are an excellent help as well. Having sufficient mixing bowls on hand is important no matter what you’re preparing, and speeds up cooking as well.