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Mauviel M250 Cookware

Unsurpassed in heat conductivity and precision temperature control, French-made Mauviel M250 cookware is definitely something to talk about. And not just in France, but around the world, copper pieces are preferred by professional chefs and elite restaurants. This magnificent material lets chefs obtain consistent results no matter what kind of dishes they prepare, due to its particular properties. Copper lets heat travel easily throughout a pot or pan’s entire surface. That way, food is heated evenly on all sides, which ensures that flavors can concentrate without worrying about burning or hot spots.
Williams-Sonoma is proud to bring these professional-quality pieces to your kitchen. That way, you too can enjoy the magnificent results of using world-renowned Mauviel M250 cookware. Thick 2.5mm copper guarantees an almost effortless cooking experience, as well as strength and durability. Whether making tasty sauces and reductions, beef bourguignon, Dijon-style pork chops and more, we’re certain that you’ll be amazed by the quality, versatility and usefulness of these pieces. An inner layer of non-reactive stainless-steel ensures that your flavors remain impeccable and is also ideal for browning meats. Something that every professional chef utilizes to maximize taste is a mortar and pestle for grinding fresh herbs and spices. If you’d like to add citrus notes, fresh apples or cherries to a dish, our fruit tools can shorten your prep time and extract a lot of flavor. Last but certainly not least, Mauviel M250 cookware is also exquisitely beautiful. The sheen of copper brightens a kitchen when hanging from a ceiling pot rack, and is sure to impress visitors when displayed on the dining room table or buffet table.