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Le Creuset Cookware

Stock your kitchen with one of the most dependable names in culinary excellence with Le Creuset cookware from Williams-Sonoma. Whether you need to stock a professional kitchen with the finest specialty cookware or if you just need a new skillet for frying up bacon and eggs in the morning, Le Creuset cookware has you covered. After shopping for the finest ingredients at the market, make sure you have equal cooking surfaces for them. Founded in France in 1925, Le Creuset uses durable cast-iron in its products to ensure that its cookware lasts, no matter how many meals you prepare over the years.

Begin your culinary adventure with a Dutch oven from Le Creuset. The cast-iron construction of these dishes makes sure that your casserole, large chunk of meat or soufflé cooks at an even temperature, giving you the best possible meal to serve to your family or guests. Find wide and round Dutch ovens that are perfect for cooking whole chickens and pot roasts, or smaller, round Dutch ovens for crafting a buffalo chicken dip. You can even find a heart-shaped Dutch oven for presenting a dessert to your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Le Creuset has grill pans that allow you to show off your barbecue skills on the indoor oven. After selecting the perfect piece of meat or seafood, you can break out your skinny grill, place it over the burner, and then grill the meat to your desired tenderness level The cast-iron construction allows you to finish your meat in the broiler for the perfect crust. Le Creuset offers single-burner and double-burner grill pans that feature grooves that give you the same grill marks as an outdoor barbecue pit. The reservoirs on the sides of the grill pans collect excess fat, while the nonstick surface makes cleaning up easier than ever.

Create traditional Asian dishes with just the right amount of oil and high heat with a cast-iron wok. Make fried rice and lo mein noodles that rival your favorite Chinese restaurant, or create a beef and broccoli dish out of a flank steak. The high sides of a wok allow you to cook without any of the oil or ingredients falling out, letting you stir away to evenly cook all of the food. Place the glass lid on top to finish off the dish and let excess water cook off.

Make sure you have the proper cookware storage for your Le Creuset products with a multi-tiered cast-iron stand. This storage solution takes up minimal space on a countertop, allowing you to keep your pans organized vertically for when you need them. The rack features the same material used in the cookware, complementing your pots and pans.

In addition to cast-iron cookware, Le Creuset also specializes in a line of stoneware. For baking and serving casseroles, Le Creuset offers a series of bakers. Use a deep baker, such as a cocotte, for a large casserole, or a wide and shallow baker for a multi-layered lasagna. You can even find French presses made of stoneware to make your favorite coffee in the morning.

When it comes to the most modern cookware, the Le Creuset stainless-steel line is your best bet. This material heats up evenly, leaving you with a cooking surface you can fully utilize on frying pans and skillets. A stainless-steel saucier or multipot is the best option for making stews and soups all day long and not having to worry about soaking and scrubbing any caked-on residue. Find a set of stainless-steel Le Creuset cookware to hang above your kitchen island for an aesthetic similar to that found in the best kitchens around the world.

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