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Demeyere Cookware

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Experience the ultimate in stainless-steel innovation with Demeyere cookware. Williams-Sonoma offers several Demeyere cookware sets and individual pieces that can turn your conventional kitchen into the culinary hub you have always envisioned. The unique aluminum-core technology of Demeyere promotes more heat conductivity, giving you a more even cooking surface for all of your favorite dishes.

Demeyere is a Belgian company that takes its stainless-steel technology very seriously. Since 1908, Demeyere has brought professionals and home cooks some of the best, longest-lasting and most beautiful cookware on the market. Because of the special Silvinox finish, Demeyere cookware keeps its luster for years, making it just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Place your cookware on a pot rack or hang it above a kitchen island to give your kitchen a very modern appearance.

If you only pick up one piece of Demeyere cookware, make it a fry pan. A fry pan is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your cooking arsenal, allowing you to make everything from bacon and eggs in the morning to a seared and crusted fillet of sea bass for dinner. The sloping sides of a Demeyere fry pan make it possible to flip and turn foods without even using a spatula. There are five layers of stainless-steel in the pan, each with a layer of aluminum core between for fast heat distribution. The handle of the pan is made of stainless-steel, but it does not get as hot as the rest of the device, allowing for easy handling and transfer to a boiler.

For an even more versatile kitchen tool, check out the stainless-steel fry pan with a nonstick surface. This pan lets you cook your favorite meat without worrying about any extra residue sticking to the surface. When it comes time to clean up, simply wipe with a damp cloth. You can even send this device through the dishwasher to tackle larger messes.

Make the perfect sauces for your favorite pasta using a Demeyere saucepan or saucier. The sides of these devices slope in, making it easy to reduce the liquid inside, resulting in fluffy rice or polenta dishes. The round bottom makes it easy to break out a whisk or spatula to stir your dish, making sure water distribution is completely even. If you plan to make caramelized onions for burgers fresh off the grill, consider a sauté pan. These implements provide even heat distribution, making sure none of the onions burn during the cooking process. You can even add your finished meats to the pan to infuse them with extra flavor.

Make sure to add a large stockpot to your kitchen if you want to create the best soups in the neighborhood. A stockpot lets you create a broth, and then add ingredients to it to simmer all day long on the oven. If you enjoy a good seafood boil, turn your stockpot into a steamer with an added basket attachment. Simply fill the pot with water, place crabs, shrimp or crawfish into the basket, and then let them cook throughout the day. Make sure to add the proper seasonings, along with corn and potatoes for an authentic seafood boil.

Another way to cook food slowly is with a Dutch oven. A Demeyere Dutch oven accommodates everything from a large roast to a cherry cobbler. Simply place your oven on a low heat setting, and then let the stainless-steel capture the flavors of the dish. Because of the TriplInduc layer on the exterior of the Dutch oven, the dish keeps cooking even after taking it out of the heat, giving you an energy-efficient method of baking.

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