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Making dinner with high-quality cookware can make anyone feel like a master chef in a gourmet kitchen. Demeyere specializes in stainless steel cookware and provides world-class products that stand out for their function and durability. Williams-Sonoma offers a number of Demeyere lines for you to choose from.

The Demeyere 5-Plus line features five-ply construction with a thick aluminum core that provides superior heat distribution. Its stainless steel surface is commercial quality and finished with the special Silvinox treatment that prevents discoloration. The 5-plus line comes as a 10-piece set or as individual pieces including non-stick frying pan, saucier, saute pan and Dutch oven.

Offering patented seven-ply material with an aluminum-alloy core surrounded by two additional layers of aluminum on flared pans and a copper core on straight pans, the Demeyere Atlantis line provides an even heating surface that boosts induction cooking efficiency by up to 30 percent. Available as a set or individually, it includes curved and straight saute pans, a simmering pot, a stock pot and a special pasta cooking insert.

Demeyere also offers the John Pawson line, which includes Dutch ovens with an InductoSeal copper base for superior temperature control when cooking and a smoker pan with an aluminum core and an interior smoking chamber and rack that allows you to smoke meats indoors. With Demeyere, you can cook like the top chef you always knew you were.