de Buyer Carbon Steel Cookware

Here is a great opportunity to try something new and different. Not only will this de Buyer pan help you create French crepes like a pro, the carbon-steel construction allows for easy handling and even heat distribution while cooking, which are desirable attributes for any cooking pan.

The basic original design of French crepe pans has remained virtually unchanged for over 300 years, however the advent of carbon steel manufacture makes them both more lightweight and more versatile than their cast-iron counterparts. They also season quickly and easily, with little effort needed for cleanup and maintenance.

Carbon-steel pans are used extensively by restaurant chefs for many different tasks such as searing and sauteing, as well as for cooking. It is said that Julia Child herself kept a few carbon-steel pans among her collection of mostly copper cookware, because they are so versatile in going from stove top to oven.

In addition to the carbon-steel crepe pan, de Buyer’s line of copper cookware is also exceptional in both design and performance. Visit our extensive cook’s tools page for the right cooking utensils to support your adventures in preparing French cuisine.

A well-known secret among chefs is that crepes aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Williams-Sonoma offers a large variety of types of fry pans and skillets to inspire you.