de Buyer Cookware Set

de Buyer is a professional cookware that is used in many professional kitchens. The copper cookware is particularly popular because of the way that the copper conducts heat. The cookware is made of 90 percent copper and 10 percent stainless steel. The de Buyer pieces carried by Williams-Sonoma will work on all surfaces, including induction.

The company was founded in France in 1830 and are well-known for the pieces the produce. The pieces available are all done in the shapes that are preferred in French kitchens. The company produces several lines including the Prima Matera, Mineral B and Carbon Steel. The Prima Matera is their top line with the copper finishes, but the easy to clean stainless steel interiors are one of the biggest features of the cookware. The Mineral B pieces are made from iron and finished in organic beeswax to provide a non-stick finish. The pieces become seasoned much like regular cast iron pans, replacing the beeswax finish with a natural non-stick surface. The carbon steel creates the company's crepe pan with a classic up lifted handle. The pieces will need to be seasoned, but will last you years if cared for properly.

You can venture beyond France and shop the international cookware to bring a mix of flavors into your home. Add other copper pieces to your collection by shopping the copper cookware or for easy clean up you can shop the stainless steel cookware.