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de Buyer

If you love your kitchen but feel like it’s missing something to give it that extra pizzazz, take it to France and back. A French-inspired workspace is filled with touches of romance and elegance. And since cooking is what most people think of when the Eiffel Tower pops into mind, cookware plays a big part in infusing your kitchen with tones of France. Williams-Sonoma’s de Buyer collection wasn’t just created with Paris in mind, it’s actually made in France. So embrace your culinary passions and transform your kitchen into a laid-back bistro for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make quick and easy sandwiches for lunch with a panini press.

de Buyer knows cookware. They’ve been crafting high-quality copper and iron pieces for the fine French restaurants since 1810. And when you work with the pros, you cook like the pros. From thick layers to a smart construction, each pot and pan is carefully created to give you excellent results from the first sear to the last grain of salt. All de Buyer cookware is safe for induction surfaces, so you can stay cutting edge.

Of course, high-quality is only half of what makes de Buyer cookware so special. The other side is their sophisticated style. Jazz up your kitchen a pot rack and hanging copper cookware. They make everything seem brighter. And with more light, you get even more inspired. Shiny copper gives the whole room an energetic and open feel. That’s great for smaller kitchens since it turns the countertop into an exciting spot to innovate. Enjoy a cup of espresso anytime and anywhere with our size-conscious espresso makers.

If you want to serve your guests directly at the dining room table, go right ahead. Copper cookware becomes an elegant centerpiece that gets a lot of looks. And with de Buyer’s almost artistic French lines, it gives company something to talk about. And they haven’t even tasted the food yet. Start things off with a smooth glass of wine served in your favorite wine glasses.

Make breakfast – or any meal really – something incredible with homemade crepes. They’re a favorite in France and in American homes and restaurants alike. But trying to make crepes in a normal frying pan is usually a disaster. Good thing that de Buyer has a professional crepe pan. Blue steel makes it authentic, and a long upturned handle makes it easy to flip crepes. And with angled edges, it’s not hard to slip them onto the plate when they’re done. Just fill them with fruit, chocolate, cheese, veggies and more for a mouthwatering breakfast or a party snack that’s the highlight of the night.

Copper is a premier cooking material that makes a great addition to any kitchen set. It’s adored by chefs around the world because it’s so easy to control. Copper distributes heat evenly throughout the whole cooking surface, including the sides. That makes it a natural choice for a stockpot. If you’re making soup, stew or another hearty family favorite, copper cooks everything inside at the same time, not just from the bottom up. So no burning or sticking. Just prep, cook, and forget about it. Use a trivet to protect your table if you’re serving in the dining room.

A copper Sauteuse takes that same heat control to the stove top. For amazing results when making reductions, roux or caramelized ingredients, copper’s unmatched. That’s because it responds almost instantly to temperature changes. Turn up the heat when you need it, then remove the pan from the flame and your food inside won’t keep cooking on its own for ages. And because the whole construction in metal, it’s OK if you want to sear a roast on the stove top and then put it – pan and all – inside the oven to finish cooking.

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