Copper Fry Pans

Frying food on your stovetop takes a special touch. It can be tricky to get foods to the perfect temperature all of the time, whether you’re just learned how to cook or you’re a near-professional. Having the right type of cookware can definitely make the job easier, especially if you’re just starting out. Many professional cooks and chefs choose copper fry pans because copper is an exceptional conductor of heat. This helpful attribute can make stovetop cooking more seamless and more enjoyable, whether you’re cooking a small, intimate dinner for family or a preparing food for a large gathering.

Because copper is a terrific heat conductor, there are no hot and cold “spots” on the frying pan. This means that the temperature stays uniform throughout the pan, from the beginning through the end of cooking time. This is especially important when you’re whipping up favorite recipes such as burgers, chops and chicken, as you don’t want one part of the meat to be more, or less, cooked than the other.

Whether you are opting for a copper fry pan or saute pan, all of the copper frying pans available from Williams-Sonoma have an interior protective coating, so that copper doesn’t react with the food, typically made out of stainless steel to add to the pan’s durability. Our pans also feature “stay-cool” stainless steel handles so that safety is never an issue as you’re grabbing the side or lid handle of your pan. Choose from many different sizes and depths of copper frying or saute pans, to cook all of your favorite meals.

There are also many Copper Core options available. These unique pans have a copper construction, but in the middle of a double layer of aluminum and stainless steel, for the maximum in durability. These pans have a stainless steel look, but the copper core gives you the same uniform cooking as if you were using a pan with 100 percent copper construction. These professional-grade pans are ideal for cooking up any type of meal, and there are some nonstick versions available for an even more seamless experience. If you are in need of several copper fry pans or saute pans to update your kitchen ensemble, consider purchasing a copper cookware set, offering you several fry and saute pans in addition to sauce pans and Dutch ovens. Copper cookware sets are also available with the Copper Core option as well, with sets up to 30 pieces large.