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Prized for its conductivity, copper cookware heats quickly and evenly. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of copper pieces designed for use by professional chefs as well as individuals looking for high-quality cookware. With these items, your kitchen can be elevated to the status of the finest restaurants. Our All-Clad Copper Core Ultimate 30-Piece Cookware Set contains everything that a rising chef or a gifted household cook needs to create impressive and mouth-watering culinary innovations. With five specially-engineered layers for maximum heat distribution and control, this collection features pieces that offer the best results in cooking. For pros and beginners alike, the recipes of Chef Thomas Keller’s cookbooks The French Laundry and Ad Hoc are sure to delight your family and serve as an inspiration for your own culinary journey. For easier food prep, a ceramic knife is a great choice. And what chef doesn’t need the best spices when preparing a meal?

Because copper conducts heat evenly and precisely, it is often the material of choice for making sauces and reductions. The Mauviel Copper Sugar Pot is popular with pastry chefs and confectioners for making a variety of candies and caramels with ease. To keep your copper cookware in top condition, use our professional-quality cooking utensils.