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Copper Cookware Sets

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Copper Cookware

Enjoy the advantages of professional cookware in the comfort of your own kitchen. Our copper cookware collection features items that are equally useful in a home kitchen or a restaurant food preparation area. Williams-Sonoma offers saucepans, sauté pans, fry pans, stock pots and other useful items in copper. You can also find copper cookware sets that provide several practical cookware items in a single purchase. Our collections feature a choice of brands, from Mauviel to All-Clad.

There are several advantages to using copper cookware. It is better at conducting heat than many other metals, so pots and pans heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly. Because the cookware heats quickly, you can easily control the temperature level while you are cooking your dish. If you turn the heat up or down on the stove, your cookware can quickly match the new temperature. It is a strong and durable material, so copper cookware can last for many years and meals to come. In addition, copper is very attractive, so you can proudly display your cookware on open kitchen shelves and pot racks.

Copper is a fairly versatile metal, so it works well for a variety of different types of cookware. You can find most standard cookware items in copper, such as saucepans, soup pots and fry pans. Because the material can handle high heats, it makes an excellent metal for creating ovenware and roasters. If you are looking to expand your cookware collection, you can find a variety of specialty cookware items such as fondue pots, jam pans and sugar pots.

Most copper cookware includes stainless-steel, tin or nonstick coatings on the inside. This is due to the fact that copper reacts to acid. If your pots or pans are coated, you can use them to prepare dishes that include acidic ingredients such as tomatoes, vinegar or lemon juice. All of our copper cookware is lined, except for a very few specialty pans like copper sugar pots and zabaglione pots. These items are fantastic for working with sensitive ingredients like sugar and eggs due to the even heat levels within the cookware. Cookware with a copper core is another common option. These items usually consist mainly of other metals such as stainless-steel, but feature a copper core within the cookware to help distribute heat evenly. This offers the best qualities of both materials, as you can often care for these pieces as you would any other stainless-steel cookware item.

Copper requires more maintenance than materials such as stainless-steel, but with some extra care, your cookware can retain its beauty for many years. The metal should never go in the dishwasher, as dishwasher detergents are fairly harsh and can cause discoloration. Instead, wash the interior with a sponge, cloth or brush and gentle soap. Dry your cookware with a kitchen towel immediately after you wash it, as prolonged exposure to water can cause spots and discoloration. You can leave the pot or pan to soak for short periods of time to remove stuck on ingredients, but avoid soaking your cookware overnight. Even with proper care, spots, darkening or discoloration can pop up on copper cookware. You can use a copper polish to restore the outer parts of your cookware; however, use a vinegar and salt solution to remove discoloration from the interior of unlined copper pots. Darkening on the outside parts of cookware does not affect your food, but darkening on the inside of cookware can transfer to your food. Therefore, it is important to keep the interior of your cookware shiny.

Many different utensils and accessories are appropriate for use with copper cookware. Stainless-steel lined cookware is very durable, so you can use metal, wood or synthetic utensils while preparing foods. Unlined, tin-lined and nonstick-lined cookware is slightly softer and less scratch resistant, so you should only use softer wood or synthetic utensils while cooking with those items. Copper can get very hot, so you should always use pot holders or oven mitts to grip lids and handles while cooking. If you want to serve dishes directly from the pot, use a trivet to protect your table from the heat.

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