Fry & Saute Pans

From breakfast scrambles and fried chicken to cornbread and fudgy brownies, it‘s hard to beat the versatility of a cast-iron skillet. Williams-Sonoma offers a wide range of carefully curated options in this category, allowing you to focus on the best options from the world‘s most renowned and trusted culinary brands. Whether you‘re looking for a versatile all-purpose kitchen tool with a lid or you want a specific type of pan to cook a specialty dish, we have what you‘re looking for. With selections from brands such as Lodge, Le Creuset, FINEX and Staub, we focus on the highest-quality cast-iron fry pans and skillets to complete your culinary tool kit.

When seasoned properly and maintained well, a cast-iron skillet can last for decades. Build up an irreplaceable seasoning and enjoy the natural nonstick quality that this cookware imparts. While cast iron cookware does require careful upkeep, it is not high maintenance. Just avoid using it to cook reactive foods such as tomato sauce and clean it gently, eschewing harsh abrasive cleaners in favor of a lighter touch. The natural polymerized coating the pan develops over time, known as the seasoning, is actually desirable because it imparts a nonstick quality without the use of synthetic chemicals that break down over time.

In addition to versatile kitchen basics such as lidded skillets and long-handled frying pans, we offer specialty cast-iron pans for cooking specific dishes such as paella. Paella pans are shallow but have a generously large diameter to accommodate a large quantity of rice and seafood, which makes the foundation of this legendary Spanish dish. The heavy-bottomed construction and natural heat-retaining properties of a cast-iron skillet makes it the perfect tool for the task of cooking a delicious batch of paella. But these pans can do much more than that - risotto, stir frys, seared steaks with pan sauce and even baked good such as cobbler or pie can all reach a heightened state of flavor in a cast iron fry pan.

Whether you choose to make your cast-iron skillet the only cast iron cookware in your kitchen or you pair it with cast-iron + More