Fry & Sauté Pans

Cast Iron Fry & Saute Pans

A quality cast iron fry or saute pan is one of the most basic but valuable tools in your kitchen. You can reach for it on a daily basis for everything from browning meats and frying eggs to cooking vegetables and simmering sauces. The slow, even heating qualities of cast iron make it the perfect choice for roasting and creating a crispy, golden crust on corn bread or potatoes. Choose a French cast iron pan with a black enameled interior that requires no seasoning, and you’ll need little to no oil when cooking all of your favorite dishes. They’re available in a variety of colors and feature an attractive wood-spun handle that stays cool. An American-made cast iron skillet hand-forged in Portland, Oregon has a unique octagonal shape for easy pouring, and it’s pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil to prevent rust and sticking. It also features a stainless-steel spring handle and a brass knob on the lid for an impressive design.

Complete the kitchen of your dreams with our full cast iron cookware sets available with colorful enameled coatings to match your kitchen’s decor. Williams-Sonoma’s copper cookware sets make a beautiful addition to your collection with their high-polish finish. Copper’s unmatched ability to conduct heat makes it the perfect choice for cooks who want precise temperature control. Create impressive omelettes, frittatas, crepes, waffles, poached eggs or fondue with our specialty cookware items.