Dutch Ovens & Braisers

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens & Cast Iron Stock Pots

Prepare savory meats and poultry that falls off the bone with cast-iron Dutch ovens and braisers. These heavy cooking pots are designed to hold in heat and cook evenly over high or low temperatures. Depending on the finish, cast-iron Dutch ovens can even be used over cooking fires to create culinary delights such as cobbler, cornbread, soups, breads, cakes and stews. Cast-iron Dutch ovens and braisers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from mini, single-serving sets to large pots designed to accommodate a whole chicken with room to spare. Dutch ovens and braisers are available in many colors and finishes to match your kitchen including natural black cast iron or enameled blue, red, green, yellow, white and other choices.

If you are looking to add more cast-iron cookware to your collection, Williams-Sonoma offers a wide variety of cookware sets for home chefs. Cover the basics with a set that includes multipurpose pots and pans, or choose a full 11- or 12-piece cookware set that includes everything you need to prepare and serve meals for a crowd. If you need specific items, such as cast-iron loaf pans, baking dishes or a tagine, choose from our selection of cast-iron specialty cookware. Commonly used cookware such as our cast-iron fry and saute pans are durable and suitable for everyday use. Cook up just about anything ranging from pancakes, bacon and eggs to meats, veggies and one-pan meals.