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Cast Iron Cookware: Cast Iron Pots and Pans

You may not think a lot about cast-iron cookware in today’s world of non-stick coatings. But in reality, there are several reasons why top chefs recommend it when preparing meals. Cast-iron cookware can handle high temperatures, making it ideal for searing and frying, while its exceptional heat retention is perfect for stews and braising. In addition, cast-iron cookware can be used on a stovetop or inside an oven, which is why some recipes specifically call for cast-iron recipients – the dish can be started by searing meats, adding wine or broth, and placing the entire pan inside the oven to cook. Williams-Sonoma provides exquisite pieces that take advantage of the natural properties of cast iron, and elevate them for ease of cooking, resilience and beauty.

Our Le Creuset Cast Iron & Stoneware 11-Piece Cookware Set features distinctive cast iron finished in durable and chip-resistant non-stick porcelain enamel. For entertaining, complement hearty dishes with an exquisite wine served in sophisticated wine glasses. The Le Creuset collection is designed to be taken directly from oven to table, featuring beautiful Red, Flame, Lapis and Ocean tones that easily draw attention to the dish. Make sure to use a trivet to protect your table from hot recipients. In addition, the Lodge Round Fry Pan is an ideal skillet for making breakfast, frying meats to perfection, or cooking country-style cornbread. To make an informed decision, take a look at our cookware materials guide.