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Experience the freedom and success possible with Calphalon nonstick, stainless-steel and ceramic cookware and bakeware from Williams-Sonoma. Innovative Calphalon Elite Nonstick pieces are made in a slate gray color with stainless-steel handles in a commercial-grade, heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum that allows you to use most metal utensils on the interior surface without damaging the finish. Calphalon Signature Stainless-Steel and Classic Ceramic sets and individual pieces are also available so you can mix and match pieces you like and coordinate your cookware with your cooking style and your kitchen decor.

Have everything you need but the kitchen sink with a Calphalon cookware set. Elite Nonstick sets are exclusively available in two-, three-, eight-, 10- and 15-piece sets to refresh kitchen equipment or help a new kitchen get off to a great start. Some sets include low-profile lids that help new and experienced cooks monitor foods, and pieces are dishwasher-safe so even inexperienced home cooks and clean-up crew can care for the Elite Nonstick pots and pans easily. The larger sets have enough pieces to get you through a dinner party without a care. Just add the dinnerware.

Skilled chefs will enjoy the triple-purpose Calphalon Elite Nonstick sauté pan that lets you do the perfect sear on top of the stove, then slide the pan into the oven for baking or broiling. Once doneness is reached you can finish your protein or vegetables with a glaze or au jus on the cook top, and you only needed one pan to do all three tasks. All pieces are oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are designed to caramelize and sear while also offering easy release of foods. If you regularly prepare meat, poultry and seafood you’ll want a Calphalon Elite Nonstick Fry Pan or Saute Pan in your cabinet or hanging from the pot rack.

Breakfast and brunch aficionados find abundant uses for the great Calphalon specialty cookware available, including frittata pans, egg poachers and crepe pans. With ergonomic stainless-steel handles and superior cooking performance, Calphalon cookware will make all of your favorite egg and crepe dishes turn out the way they should. Roasters are great for making breakfast ham and home fries, or use one of our steamers or multipots to prepare soft salmon fillets or steamed fruits. With Calphalon griddles and grills added to the mix you have the bacon and sausages covered so all you need is a coffeemaker and espresso machine to throw the best brunch party ever.

Some cooks prefer the bright look of stainless-steel, and the Calphalon Signature Stainless-Steel Collection is available to meet their need for sheen. Sauce pans, fry pans and stockpots in the collection feature five layers of metal for even heat distribution. The outer finish of the cookware is polished stainless-steel while the shiny interior stainless-steel finish performs wonderfully whether searing or deglazing. Mix and match the sets with the other Calphalon Signature pieces or Contemporary Nonstick pieces to create a custom set for your sauces and other favorite recipes. If you want to try your hand cooking with ceramic nonstick surfaces the PFOA-free Calphalon Classic Ceramic Cookware is available in individual pieces or full sets. Use less oil with the smooth white interiors of these pieces and watch your food slide out of the pan with ease.

Bakers love the heavy-gauge steel cores and interlocking nonstick layers that make up pieces in the Calphalon Gourmet Bakeware Collection. Choose from baking sheet and wire rack sets for making lots of cookies and appetizers or stock up on heavy-duty cake pans in round, square and rectangular sizes. Loaf pans, muffin pans and cupcake pans are also made with the same tough, easy-release engineering. With the 10-piece Calphalon Gourmet Bakeware Set all you need are your baking tools and you’re ready to show the world who’s the oven boss.