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All-Clad Cookʼs Tools

The cookware and bakeware that you use to make your culinary masterpieces may be the workhorses of your kitchen, but items like spatulas, tongs and slotted spoons make your memorable meals come to life. At Williams-Sonoma, we carry several different cookʼs tools from All-Clad that not only make your work in the kitchen go easier, but they look good as well.

Cookʼs tools by All-Clad are available individually or as part of a set. These stainless-steel sets include items like ladles, slotted spoons, turners, serrated or standard serving forks, tongs and regular and slotted spoons. Sets also come in a stainless-steel caddy, some of which you can personalize by having the caddy monogrammed with your initials or those of someone you wish to give the set of utensils to, which make ideal housewarming or wedding gifts.

If youʼre looking for a replacement item or a specialty tool as opposed to buying a full set, we also have key All-Clad cookʼs tools available individually. Also made of polished stainless-steel – which means they look terrific when using your items from your All-Clad cookware set – choose from tools like measuring cups, measuring spoons, angled spatulas, pie servers and colanders. These utensils and other kitchen tools are either one-piece forged items or have All-Cladʼs signature riveted handles, ensuring each item has a secure grip. Being stainless-steel, these utensils are easy to care for and are all dishwasher-safe.

Protect yourself and the surfaces around you by using a stainless-steel splatter screen when frying chicken, fish or other food. Not only does the fine-mesh screen keep you from getting burned and your stove and countertops from becoming greasy, it fits perfectly on your 8- to 10-inch pans when using the small screen and 10- to 12-inch pans when using the large screen.

Ensure precise temperature control in all your cooked meals with our All-Clad instant-read digital thermometers and oven-probe thermometers. The instant-read thermometers allow you to check the temperatures of large cuts of meat like steaks and roasts quickly, allowing you to close the oven or grill back without letting too much heat escape. These are also stainless-steel, have a compact design that fits easily in a pocket or drawer and have a battery-operated backlit digital display. All-Cladʼs oven-probe thermometer also features stainless-steel styling and allows you to stick a probe into the item you are cooking, such as prime rib or roast turkey, and monitor the temperature easily from one of your countertops. The probe part has an extra-long cord and the display features large, easy-to-read numbers that you can see even from outside the kitchen. The probe lets you set the type of food your cooking and the desired temperature, then alerts you when the food is done. Both thermometers are also easy to clean as well.

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