Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen: Essential Cooking Tools

Every chef knows that having the right tool for the job saves time and can also make the difference between a spectacular dish and one that’s just OK. Whether looking to add some grated orange zest, crushed garlic or a hint of lemon juice to your favorite recipe, Williams-Sonoma has everything you need. Our Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Essential 19-Piece Tool Set features the most essential tools for cooking so that you can have a well-equipped kitchen. Once you try them out, you’ll understand why using a whisk to beat eggs, for example, is so much faster and better than using a simple spoon or fork. This set will help you to spend less effort on time-consuming food prep and more time enjoying meals with your family. Pizza wheels, spatulas, lemon and garlic presses, tongs, six-sided grater and much more will save you a lot of work. We offer a number of other great pizza accessories as well because we know that it’s a favorite of kids and adults alike.

Our popular Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Beechwood Angled Spatula is another very useful tool, especially if you enjoy making stir-fries, pasta, rice and countless other recipes. Its wooden construction is both durable and lightweight and is safe for using with delicate nonstick surfaces. To give your Italian and Oriental dishes especially hearty flavors, we recommend one of our professional-quality saute pans. To make sure that your dining room is as well-equipped as your kitchen, select one of our practical and beautiful dinnerware sets.