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Grill Tools

Your grill is the perfect place to cook everything from light shrimp skewers to meaty brisket, but it‘s not always easy to get the job done. Williams-Sonoma‘s excellent selection of grilling tools helps make the process as simple as possible by providing you with purpose-built equipment for sliding, flipping, turning and lifting any type of food on your grill. From skewer sets to pizza tools and basic grill staples such as long-handled tongs and spatulas, our selection of products in this category is carefully curated to offer you maximum quality and utility. When paired with a hot grill, a good recipe and quality ingredients, these tools can help make your wildest ambitions into reality.

This selection of grill tools focuses specifically on the culinary needs of a versatile cook who likes to experiment. While we offer plenty of time-tested standards, we also bring some innovation to the party. From kabob skewers crowned with pink Himalayan salt blocks to specially designed racks that allow you to roast stuffed jalapenos over an open flame, we offer a variety of different ways for you to switch up your grilling routine. Burgers and sausages are classics for a reason (they‘re delicious and universally beloved), but if you like to push the boundaries and wow your guests, we have some great options for you to consider.

Our grilling basis, including forks, tongs and spatulas, on the other hand, stick with tradition, providing you with familiarly designed and proportion grilling tools that stand above the competition thanks to their quality construction and thoughtful additional features. With their long length, heatproof handles and sturdy engineering, our offering of grill tools enables you to feel safe while approaching the super-hot surface of your grill. Though it‘s often best to use separate tools for grilling and indoor cooking, we do offer some indoor/outdoor tool options that can easily take you from your kitchen to the grill.

Proper grill tools can‘t take the place of experience with this unique style of cooking, but they can certainly help you along the way. Whether you‘re just starting out on your own grilling adventure or you‘re a seasoned pro who can whip up a perfectly charred steak in your sleep, our grilling tools will prove their worth. Durability, versatility and longevity are important qualities when it comes to outdoor cooking and our selections in this category live up to that quality standard with ease. With proper cleaning and appropriate use, you‘ll find these trusty tools to be up to any task for years to come.

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