Grill Cleaning

Grill Cleaning: BBQ Grill Brushes and Scrapers

One of the key components to good grilling is a clean grill. Most collections of grill tools include some device to use for cleaning. At Williams-Sonoma, we carry a number of quality grill brushes made of sturdy materials to stand up to the heavy dirt that builds up on grills. Many of the brushes come with built-in scrapers and scrubbers to help you clean your grill as effectively as possible.

The Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush is very innovative with its use of steam combined with wire brushes to cut through built-on grease. The brush works with the heat from your grill to create steam, which means you won’t need to use any chemicals to get your grill top clean. The brush’s construction lets it work with any type of grill and saves you time you can spend on more enjoyable activities.

Even the best brushes’ bristles can start to wear out over time. Don’t run to the store to buy a replacement, simply order our brush refills, saving time and a trip to the store. Make sure to check out our grill tools and accessories to make sure that you have everything to make your next cookout the talk of the town. Don’t forget grilling safety and pick up a