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Grill Accessories

There is perhaps no better way to combine the joy of a perfect evening with a love of cooking than to fire up the grill. Whether it‘s charcoal or gas, it‘s important to approach your grill with the right equipment. Grilling presents a unique culinary environment, and you‘ll need special tools to become a true grill master. From portable LED lights to facilitate late-night cookouts to special charcoal-starting accessories that allow you to step away from chemical lighter fluids for good, Williams-Sonoma has everything you need to perfect your grilling technique. You‘ll have to master the basics of grill cooking on your own, but with the right equipment, that process can be made much easier.

If you find yourself feeling some skepticism about specially designed grill tools, consider this, regular kitchen tools aren‘t designed to work in a grilling environment. What stands the test of time in the kitchen may be less useful on the grill. Just as your grill tongs are longer than the tongs you use in the kitchen and have heatproof grips to keep your hands safe, grill accessories have special engineering and design that makes them ideal for use over a hot, open flame. For example, double-sided grill trays are carefully designed to accommodate the needs of a cook who is stepping outdoors and away from his or her normal stock of equipment.

Another major benefit of focusing on specially designed grill accessories is the fact that things like grill surface temperature thermometers are purpose-built to solve a problem that is specific to grilling, something that ordinary kitchen thermometers may not be able to handle. With a grill surface thermometer, you won‘t have to worry about the temperature difference between your grill‘s lid thermometer and the actual temp on the grates with one of these tools. A standard kitchen thermometer will still be useful to you for gauging the temperature of the food you cook, but it won‘t give you the same functionality as a specially designed grill surface thermometer.

Our specially designed grill accessories will find an easy place among your grill tool collection. From specific accessories designed to make specific foods such as hamburgers to items that add a little extra flair to your grilled dishes, this product category offers several excellent ways to up your grilling game. From increased efficiency to better safety, every serious griller can benefit from the functions these items provide.