Cooking Timers

Anyone who cooks knows it is all about timing. How long does it take to blanch the broccoli, boil an egg or bake a red velvet cake? You can use your phone or tablet, your watch or even the oven timer, but for the most accuracy, opt for a tool designed just for timing your kitchen activities. Cooking timers can be mechanical or digital and may include numerous other features. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a selection of gadgets to fulfill all of your cooking and timing needs.

When most people think of cooking timers, the old-fashioned mechanical ones come to mind. You wind them up to an hour or less, and they tick-tick-tick as they wind down. Our own Stainless-Steel Mechanical Timer is an updated version of the timeless classic. Just like the ones you remember from your youth, the device rings when your set time expires. The numbers on the timer’s face are easy to see from a distance. The cooking timer is attractive enough to leave out on your counter every day.

We also offer a Rotary Timer with Large LCD Display. It works much like mechanical timer, but it provides the minutes in digital form. You can hang the timer on a hook, set it up via its foldable stand or even hang it on your refrigerator like a magnet.

What is the magic number for cooking a hard-boiled egg? It is an age-old question, and everyone has a different answer. Our Egg Perfect Timer takes the guesswork out of your breakfast. You simply place the timer into the pan with your boiling eggs, and as the water heats up, the timer does too. As the eggs cook, the timer changes color to indicate whether your egg is soft-boiled, medium-boiled or hard-boiled. No matter how much water you add to the pan or how many eggs it contains, the timer will adjust itself to give you a precise reading every time.

OXO is one of the most trusted names in kitchen tools, and that is why we also offer the OXO Triple Timer. This is the device for the busy cook who is timing three dishes at once. The three timers appear on an LCD screen, and each one can go for up to 100 hours. When the screen is not in use, it serves double duty as a clock. Like all OXO products, the timer is a breeze to use, thanks to its soft, easy-to-push buttons and its nonslip base. The base even sits at an angle so you can see it on your countertop when you are across the room.